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Social Innovation Co-Working Space Subsidy Scheme

The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund), under the government's jurisdiction, has launched the "Social Innovation Co-Working Space Subsidy Scheme" to provide subsidies for social entrepreneurs and social innovation enterprises to rent co-working spaces with support services. The aim is to promote mutual assistance, cooperation, and co-creation among them and encourage young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Nexen Workshop has been supporting young people in entrepreneurship and is already included in the subsidy scheme. Each successful applicant can receive a subsidy of up to HKD 6,000 per month provided by the government.


Applicants must have received funding from the SIE Fund and operate social businesses to promote poverty alleviation or prevent social isolation in Hong Kong.


Amount of subsidy:

The total funding limit is HKD 144,000, with a maximum monthly subsidy of HKD 6,000, for a period of no more than 36 months.


Subsidy mode:

Applicants must rent co-working spaces recognized by the scheme. The list of recognized spaces will be provided by the SIE Fund's dedicated team secretary after the applicant's successful application. The funds will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis every month.


For more details about the scheme, please visit the following website:

or contact the SIE Fund's dedicated team secretary at 2165 7249 or

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