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Privacy Policy

Welcome to (herein known as “Website” or “Site”). Nexen has created this statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your rights and privacy. Please kindly peruse the following clauses for your reference:

  1. Coverage

This Privacy Policy concerns the treatment of your personal data collected when using our Website. This policy does not apply to any external links or any third -party websites or software unaffiliated with Nexen.

  2. Collection, Treatment & Usage of Personal Information

When you visit the Website or use any of the features provided, we will ask for your personal information that is vital to proper function of that specific feature. We will only utilize the information collected for that specific feature and will not utilize the information for any other purpose without your written consent.

We will collect your name, email, contact information, and time of visit when you utilize our service mailbox, complete any survey or forms, or use any other interactive features.

Upon visiting our Site, the server will automatically record information of our visit, which includes but is not limited to your IP address, the time and duration of your visit, your browser, and browsing history within our Website. This information is collected for improvement of our website and is for internal use only. It will under no circumstance be published publicly.

To provide better service, we will collect and collate information obtained from our Website for analyses. The results will be presented in the form of text and diagrams. For any purpose other than internal use, any publication of the aforementioned text and diagrams will not include specific personal information.

  3. Data Protection Policy

Only authorized personnel may access the personal information collected from this website. All personnel with access rights are bound by a non-disclosure agreement and any violation will be reported to the relevant legal authorities and subject to legal consequences.

Our Website is hosted on the platform. has provided us with a web platform, server, and other in-house applications. Your data will be stored on their servers, which is complete with multi-layer security architecture for your protection.

  4. Third Party Links

Our Website will contain links to third party websites. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any destination site linked via our Website. You are responsible for understanding the Privacy Policy of any website you visit.

  5. Third Party Personal Data Policy

Nexen will not provide, exchange, lease, or sell any of your personal data to any external individual, group, entity, enterprise or public institution unless requested by law or contractual agreement. Circumstances preceding the aforementioned provision of data include but is not limited to:

  • Prior written consent

  • Word of law

  • Prevention of loss of life, freedom, bodily harm or financial loss

  • Partnership with non-profit or educational institutions for the purpose of academic advancement, public benefit on the premise that the data provided will not expose the identity of the involved person(s)

  6. Cookies Policy

During the provision of this Website, we will distribute and utilize our Cookies on your computer. If you wish to opt out, you can change the privacy level of your browser but doing so may interfere with the proper function of certain features of our Website.

  7. Right to Amendment

Nexen reserves the right to alter the Privacy Policy as necessary and will publish the amendments on the Website.

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