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Nexen Network

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Staying true to our name and mission, Nexen Workshop strives to be more than just a workspace for our Members. Part of our investment in the next generation, in addition to providing a comfortable and productive work environment, is the business support we can provide to our Members via our parent company, Stallion Group

Nexen's parent company, Stallion Group, is a vertically integrated product design and manufacturing conglomerate with over 3000 employees worldwide and decades of global operating experience. Our products range from outdoor (water/winter) sporting goods to toys to healthcare products and even foldable electric bikes. Here are some of our brands listed below:

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Under the Nexen Network, our objectives are to:


Create triple win situations where Stallion, Nexen, and the Member all benefit from the success of a partnership


Invest in promising companies and people


Provide internal and external referrals to and for our Members (we may even become your client!)

Reach out to us at to learn more!
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