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3 Most Beautiful Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong

🚩The Mills Fabrica

The Mills Fabrica is a coworking space on the fourth floor of The Mills, a textile manufacturing factory in the past now experimentally turned into “a business incubator, experiential retail, and a non-profit cultural institution” by the Nan Fung Group. The Mills Fabrica overlooks beautiful, scenic views of its own rooftop park and features serene, distant mountains as a backdrop. While the outer shell of the building still retains most of its gritty structural foundation of concrete walls and factory beams from the past, the interior is now remodeled and delicately designed in a way that both nostalgically reflects the historical significance of the site but also simultaneously brings in fresh characteristics of modernity. Staying true to their focus on innovation and progress, The Mills Fabrica offers workspaces “for the techstyle community and a prototyping lab to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality”.

🚩Banyan Workspace

One of the more luxurious and upscale coworking spaces, Banyan Workspace is designed by Lauren Bullen of S.Lo Studio, a local Hong Kong-based interior design firm. The workspace features a modern interior design style, juxtaposing muted neutral colors against the vibrant foliages and greens inspired by its namesake, the banyan tree. On the other hand, the library and lounge features a more traditional, classical design, utilizing vintage furniture, a bolder color palette, and a spiral staircase to create a grander atmosphere. Banyan Workspace welcomes any guests looking for a comfortable, luxurious office.

🚩Finest Design Nest

Located in the bustling district of Lai Chi Kok , Finest Design Nest is owned by Finest Office Furniture Supplies, a company that specializes in manufacturing high quality contemporary office furniture internationally. Needless to say, Finest Design Nest features a variety of simplistic, yet beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing furniture that compliments the general modern atmosphere of the coworking space. Finest Design Nest features a modernist architecture style, characterized by its use of clean, sharp, and minimal lines that rejects the use of unnecessary ornamentation, along with liberal uses of glass walls and window panes that both allows for ample natural light into the workspace and also connects the workspace to the natural landscape around it. Finest Design Net specializes in housing designers and other creatives.


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