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Nexen Workshop partners with Food Panda🎉

May 24 - Nexen Workshop, having recently opened its 5th coworking workspace location in Hong Kong, has partnered with Food Panda to give its Members the added benefit of ordering from a world leading delivery platform.

From today (May 24, 2021), every Nexen Workshop Member will receive a login and "NEXEN package" that details how to use the Food Panda platform. Each location manager is being trained on the usage and will guide our Members to ensure successful ordering and delivery of their meal and groceries.

"Nexen recognizes that entrepreneurs don't want the fuss and time wasted choosing restaurants when they are in the middle of a big idea" states Harry Lam, Team Lead for Nexen Workshops, "why spend all that time sitting down to eat when they are halfway to their million dollar invention? Makes no sense"

"The Food Panda partnership offers our Members the convenience and aligns with a core Nexen brand value, convenience" added Gabriel Chan, Head of Marketing "to say that this is a logical partnership is an understatement. These types of partnerships are long overdue for our Members".

With many other upcoming partnerships planned to reward our Members, sign up for a tour today at any one of our brand new coworking spaces, conveniently located to help you focus on your craft, not your stomach.

Whatsapp to speak to our team: +852 9123 6688


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