6 Reasons You Should Lease Our Chai Wan Workshop

1. 24/7 keycard access

It doesn’t make sense to limit workspace access to people who need it most. Nexen understands the importance of business owners dedicating almost all of their time to their ventures. Members of our Chai Wan Workshop have access to their workspaces 24/7, 365 days a year.

2. Daily Cleaning

All public areas are cleaned on a daily basis. Members can also arrange for room cleaning by hanging the Nexen cleaning sign on their door handle during the designated cleaning hours.

3. MTR Proximity

Our Workshop is a 3-minute walk away from exit B of Chai Wan MTR station.

4. Free Highspeed Wi-Fi

Our entire Workshop is covered by our highspeed WiFi network. Each room has an exclusive SSID for maximum security and speed.

5. Dedicated Location Manager

A dedicated location manager will distribute your mail and handle all of your day-to-day concerns and requests. Let them know if something is on your mind!

6. Nexen Network

A core component of Nexen's value is our network. In addition to real estate, we offer referrals, operational support, startup incubation services, and funding.

Our parent company is a vertically integrated product design and manufacturing, and retail company with decades of global operating experience. We have over 2000 active relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, world renowned retailers, designers, professional service providers etc. and would love to extend our network to our Members.

Speak with our staff to learn more. Your next partner could just be a phone call away!


1. 24/7 全天候進出 我們了解企業主幾乎將所有時間都投入到企業中的重要性。柴灣工坊的成員可以一年365天,24/7全天候進出工作空間。

2. 每日清潔服務 專業清潔助理每日為你清潔工坊的公眾地方、洗手間及你的私人房間等等,徹底消毒,為你提供有如商務中心的工作空間質素。

3. 鄰近地鐵 我們的柴灣工坊距離柴灣地鐵站B出口僅3分鐘的步行路程。

4. 免費安穩高速 Wi-Fi 網絡 全場免費WiFi覆蓋每一個角落,全面提高無線信號覆蓋範圍,讓你暢享無死角高速WiFi。

5. 地區主任專人服務 地區主任每日到場視察及即日派信,為會員解決所需,提供最有效率的專業服務。

6. Nexen 網絡 我們提供轉介、運營支援、創業孵化服務和資金。

我們的母公司由產品研發、設計、製造到銷售都一手包辦,是一家具有數十年全球運營經驗的垂直整合公司。我們與供應商、製造商、世界知名的零售商、設計師、專業服務提供商等有著2000多種關係脈絡,並希望將我們的網絡擴展給 Nexen 的會員。


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