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Nexen Workshop launches 5th location

Hong Kong - Nexen Workshop is proud to announce the opening of the Lai Chi Kok Nexen Workshop. Located on 2/F, Wui Wah Factory Build, 41 Wing Hong Street, this new coworking space is designed based on fashion design process, from sketch to runway.

Lai Chi Kok features 37 private rooms, 9 fixed desks and 8 hot desks. In total, the Lai Chi Kok Nexen Workshop has a total area of 7,655 square feet of area. As well, there are other business facilities such as meeting room, conference room and a customizable event space ready to be booked with a short notice. All facilities are pay-as-you-go and each member is given a set amount of credits to use these facilities.

All private workshop members enjoy 24/7 access to the Lai Chi Kok Nexen Workshop while also access to the other Nexen Workshops across Hong Kong.

The Lai Chi Kok Nexen workshop marks the 5th coworking space that has opened in Hong Kong. Other locations include Chai Wan, San Po Kong, Kwai Hing, Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan (to open in 2021). This aggressive strategy will allow more entrepreneurs, creators, artists, startups, SMEs in Hong Kong to enjoy premium business facilities at a fraction of the cost.

Another aspect of each Nexen Workshop is the interior design. Themed with the main goal of collaboration, rejuvenation and inspiration for all members. For example, private and public balconies at the San Po Kong Nexen Workshop, Pop-Art and American retro diner theme at Kwun Tong. Lai Chi Kok Nexen Workshop is inspired by the collaborative nature of fashion designers to bring the latest looks to life.

“The reason for these various themes is quite simply, to help you escape from your workload for a few minutes.” Explains Harry Lam, Team Lead at Nexen Workshop “The old office pantry is no more. We believe you get inspiration from everywhere, not just near the coffee machine.”

“We don’t think any business is inspired sitting in a white room,” Lam explains, “so outside the private rooms, we spared no expense in ensuring the design of the common areas.”

Controlling business costs with Nexen Workshop

All Nexen Workshops have a pay-as-you-go system with business facilities. Members are given are set number of credits monthly and can top up as they need. This flexibility helps control the operational costs of the business with minimal wastage.

All business facilities are state-of-the art and newly built, such as use of conference rooms, meetings rooms and selected workshops have a flexible event space. Nexen Workshops also offer members business facilities such as photocopying, printing, mail collection and hi speed WIFI.

To tour any Nexen Workshop, simply fill out the “Book a Tour” form for the team to arrange your personalized viewing.

About Nexen Workshop:

A portmanteau for the next generation, Nexen Workshop was founded in Los Angeles in 2016 as a forward-thinking real estate development company on the pillars of Live, Work, and Play.

Under the Nexen Workshop brand, our mission is to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and businesses by providing high quality and affordable workspaces. We welcome art studios, A/V recording studios, print, film & digital media production teams, R&D labs, and other creators such as designers, software engineers, and many more.

At Nexen Workshop, we strive to deliver a best-in-class workplace experience by combining contemporary design with human centric service. We offer private workshop, fixed desk, and hot desk memberships at various locations across Hong Kong.

In addition to your workplace, Nexen also handles behind the scenes logistics and provides startup incubation services, so you can focus on your craft.

Press Contact:

Harry Lam

Team Leader

Nexen Workshop

(852) 9657 7556

Gabriel Chan

Head of Marketing

Nexen Workshop

(852) 3516 2359


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