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Congratulations to Nexen Member -YunExpress Asia Pacific Hub Grand Opening Ceremony🎉

On August 31, the grand opening ceremony of YunExpress Asia Pacific Hub was held in Hong Kong. Nexen was fortunate enough to be invited to this historical event. Guests and friends from all walks of life attended the scene to witness this moment together.

Our Beloved Location Manager Cadence Lo and our marketing associate Kitty Ng were also invited to the grand opening ceremony as Master of Ceremony and Photographer respectively.

YunExpress ✈️ Asia Pacific Hub is the third international transshipment hub of YunExpress. Its business reaches Asia-Pacific countries and emerging markets such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand, etc. The services cover commercial international B2C direct-lines, fulfillment, drop shipping, warehouse management, etc. The cargo handling capacity 📦 can reach 3500+ tons per month. This would bring more convenience for cross-border e-commerce sellers to ship their goods overseas.

As a coworking space, Nexen is home to members from various fields and businesses. We care about our members and strive to cater to their needs to the best of our abilities. Nexen wishes YunExpress prosperity in future business ventures. 🚀🦅


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